Cost Per Lead

Exploring a more ethical approach to digital marketing
Describe your career as a digital marketer.

Now describe your career as a contribution to the good of society. Any difference between that and your LinkedIN profile version?


Despite loving the challenge of your work, do you doubt the digital revolution at all? For all their value, are you in any way suspicious of words like “engagement” or “personalization”? Do you think ad-tech has gone, or can go too far? Should we chase leads, no matter what the cost? 


Understanding that this is how we currently pay the bills, there still may be a way for us to do better.


This website is a sincere call-out to anyone who shares our vision of a more ethical future for digital marketing. Cost Per Lead is a voice trying to articulate the unsettling feeling that some professionals have about the state of marketing technology, while offering a free exchange of ideas in the spirit of positive change.

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